I mostly paint lake scenes from Up North and city spaces in Michigan.

At times I paint outside, en plein air. Other times, in my studio.

My detailed paintings are available as unframed prints; my original works are framed.

  • Left Behind

    "Whether you’re from a small lake town in Michigan, Lake Tahoe, or Lake Placid, the ideal image of a bright sunny day, a boat waiting at the dock, evokes the senses that place you in a summer breeze, smelling the fresh water and sunscreen looming in the air. This beautiful, photo-realistic piece by Claudia Burns is a breathtaking addition to Chris Nordin’s collection, and it symbolizes the purity of Michigan in the summer time—how she paints the bright UV rays refracting off of the cool waves in the water. It’s masterful yet extremely casual."

    --Review by Rebekah Turner in