Sacred Art

As a lifelong Catholic, I've had many opportunities to collaborate on projects that enhance the worship spaces at churches. Most recently I installed a large-scale mosaic and life-sized icons at Christ the King Catholic Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


This mosaic was constructed by volunteers under my direction. I asked the volunteers to log their hours: construction required 1800 hours of their time over 15 months! 

Each piece of colored glass was hand-cut and arranged on a grid laid over a painted design. We worked off-site. After completion we moved over to the sanctuary and the work was adhered to the wall, then grouted. 

You can see more details on Facebook:


Truly authentic icons are painted with egg tempera and gold leaf on gessoed wooden panels. The icons of St. Luke and St. Mark I created are so large (4 x 7.5') that wooden panels were cost-prohibitive. We used an aluminum signboard panel called Alupanel with acrylic paints and gold leaf. Although the approach used was non-traditional the finished product was well-received; the set of 4 evangelists are displayed at Christ the King Catholic Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


This painting is my interpretation of a Madonna & Child work by Renaissance artist Ludovico Carracci. I painted it in acrylic on canvas with gold leaf. The original work is 12" x 24" as is the archival, museum quality print.

It is for sale, unframed, reproduced on German etching paper.